Q– What is your style?

A– I would describe my style as bright, classy and sensual. If you are looking for pin-up, overly photoshopped or Playboy-ish type photos, I am probably not the right fit for you, and that’s okay.

Q– I’m not comfortable with nudity. Can you still photograph me?

A– Absolutely!  Not all boudoir sessions require full nudity.  In fact, I love a little mystery (and so does your partner!).  Being sexy doesn’t have to be about being naked.

Q– What should I wear?  Do you provide outfits?

A– I do provide outfits (except for undies), but it’s always fun to buy something new, right?!  There is a list of local lingerie shops that sell beautiful, classy lingerie.  One or two new pieces are always fun.  Try looking for something old and ratty in your closet too!  Sometimes an old honey t-shirt or sweater is a fun accessory.  I always say “think simple.”

Some of my  favorites:

slouchy sweaters – maybe even with some holes in it

white tank top or t-shirt

ANYTHING lacy (especially if it’s black)

a nude thong for sheet pictures


pearls and heels

bra & panty sets

wedding veil or other wedding themed items

Q– Can I have someone with me at my session?

A– I have no problem if you would like to bring a friend as long as they aren’t a huge distraction.  It’s important that you have fun and are relaxed, but not being able to focus can be a problem when getting your photos taken.

Q– Can my friend(s) and I do sessions on the same day?

A– I focus and customize the boudoir experience to your individual needs so I don’t offer group sessions. However, you and one friend can schedule separate sessions on the same day (if two times are available on the same day in the online calendar).

Q– I’m doing this as a gift for my partner.  What would you suggest I give?

A– Albums are the most popular item to give, but I also have other great gifts!  Be sure to check out my packages and pricing section for more details.

Q– What colors look best in photos?

A– Not all colors look good on camera (especially bright neon colors).  I prefer to keep it simple.  Black, white, burgundy, red, soft pink and even baby blue. But black always looks good on every woman!

Q– Will you use my images on your website portfolio?

A– I would LOVE to use your beautiful photos on my website, but I do understand how private these photos are and can be.  At the time of your session, you will fill out a model release form where you can decide how/ if I use these photos (web/social media/advertising).  I respect your privacy most of all, so if you don’t want anything posted or just pictures without your face, you are the one to decide that.

Q– How far in advance should I book my session?

A– The sooner the better, especially if you want a weekend spot.  I never know how busy my schedule is going to get.  Typically, I’d say about 2 months before you’d like to book your date is a good idea.

Q– How long does the session last?

A– I like to chat for a little bit to kind of get you comfortable and look over your outfits. Once we start shooting, it’s usually about 45 minutes to an hour. This is for a full session. A mini session is usually around 20-30 minutes.

Q– Do I get digital images?

A– Yes! All packages come with a edited digital images.

Q– I have never done this before.  Will you help me prepare?

A– Absolutely!  I recommend chatting over the phone beforehand to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.  I want to make sure you are fully prepared for this fun and special shoot.

Q– Where will the session be?

A– You have a few different options here, and it’s entirely up to you.

1- You can chose to do an outdoor location (a private location that I know of), weather permitting.

2- The Grand Willow in Mt Vernon

3- Chose your own hotel, but you are required to pay the rental fee.

Q– What is the cost and what is included?

A– My base rate is $450, which includes an hour of shoot time, a room rental at the Grand Willow Inn in Mt Vernon (I also have a studio in Seattle I can use but would have to charge an extra fee for travel) and a password safe digital image gallery where you can download and share your photos. I do offer a few different packages which can give you more for your money.  If you need help deciding on which one would fit your needs and wants, I am more than happy to help.

Q– Who will be present during my session?

A– I am the only one who will be there during the session unless you bring someone with you.

Q– What all do you edit?  I have stretch marks/cellulite/ bruises/ acne.

A– I will take out bruises, acne or even scars if you have them. Usually cellulite and stretch marks can be naturally removed by using correct lighting techniques, but I do soften them a bit to where they aren’t very visible.  After editing, I want you to still look  like YOU!

Q– How long before I get to see the pictures?

A– I try and post a sneak peek (if permitted) within a day or two.  The rest will be available about 2-3 weeks after your session.

Q– How long does it take to get the album/prints after my session?

A– When I have delivered your digital album, you will “star” the photos you want in your book.  Once you have done that, I can start drafting up your album design.  After you have approved it, I send it off to the lab to be printed and you’ll receive it in roughly 2 weeks or so (tracking is included).

Q– How do I book  a session and what is required?

A– You can book right HERE